Motion Graphics

Animated videos to drive eco-conscious brand awareness

TAMGA Designs creates free-spirited clothing from the world’s most innovative and sustainable materials. Founded by two Canadian aid workers, the brand’s mission is to prove that fashion can do better for people and the planet.

TAMGA live-tracks 3 key metrics on their website: carbon dioxide emissions avoided, kilowatt hours of energy saved, and litres of water conserved. They call this "The Good Stuff". TAMGA wanted short, powerful videos to visually communicate the positive impact their company has on the environment.

The first step was to brainstorm the most effective way to present the numbers. Technical units of measurement aren't very engaging to the average consumer, so it was important to contextualize the information. In collaboration with the research team, relevant metrics were found to emphasize TAMGA's real life impact. Talking in terms of rainforests, drinking water, and electricity makes the numbers much more accessible to TAMGA's audience.

The next step was the storyboarding process, to define the general content, pacing, and visual aesthetic of the animations. Adobe After Effects was used to create the final motion graphics videos. They were successfully used across social media to engage TAMGA's audience in learning about their brand's mission and impact.

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