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Vibrant email design for sustainable fashion brand TAMGA

TAMGA Designs creates free-spirited clothing from the world’s most innovative and sustainable materials. Founded by two Canadian aid workers, the brand’s mission is to prove that fashion can do better for people and the planet.

Creating the newsletter for TAMGA begins with a rough sketch and post-production photo editing. Photos are carefully selected to best represent and advertise the clothes. The weekly challenge is to simultaneously satisfy the client, attract the customer, and maintain best practices. Each newsletter uses new information from MailChimp's analytics to determine what type of design will be most successful. It's a constant learning process, allowing each new design to be more effective than the last.

Whimsical details, bright colours, and bold typography work together to achieve a free-spirited energy. Fresh colour palettes are developed by taking swatches from the photos so the focus is always on the vibrancy of the clothes.

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