Wedding Website

An elegant bespoke website for David & Alexa's wedding

Coding this website was a labour of love that required a lot of trial and error! The best thing about self-teaching code is the challenge of learning a new language plus the triumph of finding unique solutions.

David and Alexa are an engaged couple from Ontario, currently living in Alberta. They needed an effective way to communicate the details of their wedding and the attractions of the destination to their guests. In addition to the responsive website which can be viewed here, this project also included some branding and print elements.

The first step was to talk with the couple about their wedding ideas and create a moodboard. This led to the development of a colour palette primarily made up of neutral tones (greys, browns, navy blue), with shades of pink as accents. To emphasize the rustic feel of the mountainous setting, a stamp identity was designed to brand print materials like menus and napkins. It features a minimalist representation of The Three Sisters mountain range in Canmore. This stamp is also used on the custom-coded website.

The website combines the colours, photos, and branding to create a strong visual identity for the wedding. It organizes a lot of important information into a concise site that is easy to navigate. Details like hover effects and pink accents are contrasted by the large-scale, professional photography.

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