The Proposal

Switzerland, September 2015

Dave: Do I look nervous? Is the ring still in my backpack? Oh no wait, I need to transfer the ring to my pocket.
Alexa: I wonder when we’ll stop for snacks. I’m hungry. Oh yay, we’re stopping now!
Dave: I hope she doesn’t see me put it in my pocket…
Alexa: Mmm trail mix!
Dave: Am I being weird? Am I too quiet? Should I propose here? No, there has to be a better view up ahead.
Alexa: Aww look at all the cows! And they have cowbells!

Dave: Can she tell I’m nervous?
Alexa: Oh wow, what a gorgeous view!
Dave: I knew it. Look at that view. “Do you want to take a break on that bench?”
Alexa: …… “Okay sure!”

And there, in the Alps, surrounded by the mountains, glaciers, farmhouses, and of course the cows, cow bells, and cow patties, we started the next amazing chapter of our life together.

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